Connecting private capital
and entrepreneurial skills.

  • Connecting private capital
    and entrepreneurial skills.

Hoop Capital

About us

Hoop Capital is an independent boutique that enables global connections between families with an entrepreneurial mindset and leading companies. We offer a wide range of extraction-focused services to a diverse client base, inlcuding corporations, institutions, and High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs). Our approach is rooted in harnessing the power of a global network, entrepreneurial knowledge, connections, and experience.

Hoop Capital

Non solo consulenti imprenditoriali

Operiamo attivamente nelle strategie di cambiamento: noi di Hoop ci muoviamo con sicurezza nell’analisi delle dinamiche delle società quotate e del loro posizionamento nel mercato finanziario.

I nostri mentor, pronti a lavorare insieme agli imprenditori, sono professionisti nella creazione di valore e con una dimostrata esperienza in M&A e finanza straordinaria. In Hoop Capital siamo pronti ad offrire la corretta strategia di crescita aziendale garantendo un completo allineamento di interessi con investitori e società target.

What we do



Collaboration with the right people is essential to shape success stories. That is why we are deeply committed to cooperating with the finest entrepreneurs, offering our skills and expertise to foster development and growth.



Promoting incentives alignment and cultivating a shared goal-oriented mindset are essential for generating value. These principles form the bedrock of our commitment to cultivating mutual trust, embracing long-term responsibility, and nurturing sustainable management practices to facilitate growth and create shared benefits for all stakeholders involved.



Our mission is to equip companies with the necessary tools to fuel their growth and tackle the forthcoming challenges with confidence and resilience

Hoop Capital

Conosci il Team

Imprenditori, esperti di servizi finanziari e consulenti di strategie di crescita aziendale: ecco chi ci sarà ad accompagnarvi nel vostro percorso di evoluzione.

Hoop Capital

Our Services

Hoop Club

Hoop Club is a family backed holding company specializing in listed company transactions with an active approach.

Hoop Growth

We assist SMEs and start-ups in their growth journey through cross-functional expertise and a multimodal approach.

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