Investor Visa

La Dolce Vita

A program with an Italian soul

First introduced in 2017 by the Italian government and improved in subsequent years, the Investor Visa offers non-EU citizens a minimum 2-year entry into Italy in exchange for strategic investment in public debt, Italian companies, or a donation.

Investor Visa

More specifically, the Visa is granted for
one of the following investment types:

The visa program does not require applicants to be residents of Italy. However, those who choose to transfer their tax residence to Italy can benefit from a favorable tax regime. This includes a flat tax of 100 thousand euros on income generated from foreign business operations.

Investor Visa

Our Process

We act as a facilitator by enabling Investor Visa candidates to connect with Italian companies. Through our rigorous research and selection process, we identify target companies that are considered “Best in Class,” thereby facilitating meaningful meetings between international families and these esteemed organizations.
Leveraging our strategic market positioning, we take pride in our extensive global network of partners who can cater to the diverse needs of foreign investors, encompassing areas such as Tax, Legal, and Real Estate aspects.

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Investor Visa

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